Welcome to the Consultants Corner a website aimed to bring you ultimate international and domestic financial solutions.

We are The Trade Group, consultants providing a range of services to our clients having financial requirements not met with their current resources. It is our mission to assist our clients in creating wealth through a variety of strategies we offer.

When it comes to accumulating money for the purposes of expanding your business, construction and development or even supplementing your retirement you have come to the right place.

The Trade Group consists of Master Traders of precious metals in the Forex Market and offers a Private Placement membership to clients who qualify. Our Private Placement designed for individuals and business owners that has the discipline to allow there capital to accumulate wealth over time.

Investing in Gold is one of the safest investments you can own. At the current time, the stock market is volatile to risk your hard earned savings. The reruns on CD's and Annuities are outrageously low. You cannot retire off of 2% annual interest.

By investing in Gold, your principal will grow safely and steadily and your investment is secure.

Our investment strategy is designed for clients who are serious about leveraging their capital on a minimum time frame of 13 to 52 months. If your investment needs are based on monthly liquidity, a Gold Trade account is not for you.

We will show you compounding your capital over time creates extraordinary wealth. This is why Albert Einstein said
“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn't ... pays it.”

Take advantage in joining a Trading Platform that will provide you financial strength and real retirement possibilities.

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Let’s look at a deposit of $50,000 in a Gold trade of 52 months!!

Below are the numbers of an estimated

52 months trade of $50,000

$50,000 1st 13 months estimated $88,475

$88,475 2nd 13 months estimated $156,555

$293,085 3rd 13 months estimated $588,683

52 Month earnings estimated $1,207,190

If you are interested in leveraging your capital then we welcome you to become a member of our Private Placement!

For Life-time membership is $10,000. This Membership includes financing service option. See financing program for more information.

DEPOSIT SECURITY GUARANTEE: The reserve fund of the company makes amends.

Forex is the largest financial market in the world. The average daily trading volume now stands at $7.5 trillion. Wall Street’s average trading volume is $50 Billion. If you are not familiar with the Forex Market the key to accumulating mass amounts of money is using the power of leverage multiplying your money 10 times. The Trade Group was formed to assist many would be traders in the Forex Market.  Trading in the financial markets isn’t’ easy; if it was everyone would do it. The Trade Group offers managed accounts to those who are interested in receiving monthly residual income. The process is simple. You give our professional trader’s permission to trade your Binary Options account on your behalf. Your login details will not be shared by any other person or entity. You will have access to your account at all times 24/7. A managed account eliminates the obstacles of losing money by having a professional trader, trade for you. Let me introduce to you a trade platform that will improve your monthly income.

  • NO Experience needed

  • Have access to your funds while it compounds.

  • Choose when you want to withdraw your funds without unnecessary delay.

  • Discover how our trading team produced a whopping 69% in less than 1 year.

  • Minimum Trade Deposit $250.

You must be a member in order to access this trade platform. For Life-time membership to this particular platform is $10,000. This Membership includes financing service option. See financing program for more information.

Infrastructure Banking has been providing Loans for ten years to individuals and business owners. We eliminate the red tape that banks put you through. How? Because we only lend off of your fico score.

We don’t request:

●Upfront Fees

●Application Fees

●Tax returns

●Bank statements

●Pay check stubs

This program was designed for those who need money, but could not qualify for traditional bank loans. If you are a veteran with a 620 fico score, we will get you money. For non-veterans if you have 680 fico score, we will get you money. If your fico score is below 650, our in house attorney will increase you fico score 100 points.

We work with 1,000 banks that are willing to help our clients to receive a fresh start.

You can use the money for any purpose. The maximum line of credit is $250,000. We are confident in getting you funding.

Do you need Corporate Credit?

Need to expand your business?

Need to increase your net worth?

Credit Repair?


Good credit is the lifeline of your business.It enables you to obtain funding for things like expansion, capital expenditures, research and development, staffing, business loans, business lines of credit and much more. It is the principal contributing factor to your business's future growth, not to mention the CASH necessary for survival.  Good business credit accompanied by an Aged Corporation allows you to.

Do you need a Business Line of Credit From 200k-1.5m Unsecured, No Personal Guarantee, No Personal Credit Score Requirement. Are you short of funds to buy new equipment that can give your company a competitive edge? Want to expand your business, but lack finance? WE HAVE THE RESOURCES FOR YOU!

We offer exclusive packages that can give you a complete solution, options you can choose on the basis of your requirements. 

Our funding resource provides Business Lines of Credit based on corporate credit with no Personal Guarantee, No Personal Credit Score Requirement; Don’t forget to ask us about our PRIVATE PLACEMENT RESOURCE that can raise money for your existing or new business venture.  Utilize our source to raise capital through a network of private individuals that are looking to fund projects just like yours...

You must be a member in order to access this service. For Life-time membership to this particular service is $10,000. This Membership includes financing service option. See financing program for more information.