We specialize in helping our clients get their financial lives back in place, by improving their credit.

We will remove all negative items including bankruptcy in as little as 60 days.

Once your credit score has risen to 750, you can qualify for that home you wish for or even open business trade lines.

Your credit history determines what loans you will qualify for and the interest rate you will pay. Lenders get your credit history by obtaining your credit score. You'll most likely need to borrow funds from a lender. This is why credit is such an important component to the home buying process.

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Get your life back on track. 


What is a bad credit score?
Financial industry term for a credit history indicating that a person is a high credit risk. A credit score of less than 560 is generally considered to be a bad credit score.

Medical debt and your credit score
Medical debt has always been a huge burden to the American consumer, and for a long time it has been able to substantially weaken your credit score.

Guaranteed Approval?

How long does the process take? 
On average for restoration is 30 to 60 days.

How long have you been in service for credit repair? 
Our Credit Restoration program uses a 13 year experienced partner improving our client(s) profile to a 750 or higher FICO Score.

Inaccurate, obsolete, and unverifiable items removed from our clients' credit reports.

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