Serious Investors Wanted!

This page is used to inform hungry investors with current updates on business opportunities and exclusive investment products from our star contacts. These platforms are not constructed nor managed by The Consultants Corner, we have simply positioned ourselves to privileged information for you. The Consultants Corner will attempt to present current offers as presented to us but cannot guarantee their availability.

WEALTH GENERATING PROGRAM: Offering an outstanding investment opportunities for serious investors who are looking for safe and very profitable returns.

This is a technology based product that is phenomenal. The minimum investment is $22,000.The investor will receive their principle back in 45 days. After the return of the $22,000, the investor will receive profits of $100k in 6 months.

If your interested in this program, a conference call will be scheduled between you and the fund manager. No consultant(s) will attend the call! If the client is satisfied and wants to invest, they will send their wire their funds to the fund manager.

SPOT TRADE: Purchase amount is $50k returning a 200% annual return. Client will receive $37,500 every three months for a total of $150k. If the client is already a member of TTG, there is no membership fee requirement. All others will be required to pay the life-time membership fee of $20K. CLOSED

GOLD SPOT TRADE: Currently 3rd party Master Trader has $2M worth of spot trade gold with a 6 month expiry returning 200% plus the principle. If any interest the minimum buy requires $25k.  This spot trade will return $75k. Membership fee must be met of $45K. CLOSED

OPTIONAL INVESTMENTS: Conservative investor that would like to receive monthly residual income with “no stock market risk”, than keep reading. This investment requires a $50k which will pay $218.76 monthly for the full term and an additional payment of 20% on the 12th month for a total return of 25.25% the first year. If the investor continues to remain in the contract, starting on the 13 month, in addition to the $218.76 monthly payout, there is a long term benefit payout of $100k or

Option #2 requires an investment amount of $150k, which will pay out 8% interest annually equaling $1,000 each month for the full term. In addition there is a long term benefit of $750k.

The long term amount will be based on the programs performance paid out quarterly and based on the number of investors who bought into the contract up to $500k.

For instance, if the contract is taken by 2 investors each paying $150k, each will receive the full bonus of $750k based on the programs performance paid out quarterly until paid in full.