The commons questions that are asked in reference to the Integrity Plan Platform

1. How long has this Trade Business been in business?

This Master Trader has been in business for 20 years.

2. Have there ever been any complaints lodged against the company?

We never had any issue with withdrawals and we didn't have any complaints from clients. Bad reviews about us would really be important to us and our partnerships.

3. What are the restrictions on withdrawing funds?

Client should allow their account to accrue interest to a sufficient amount before withdrawal.

4.  Can a client open multiple accounts and if so what is the deposit limit?

Clients can open as many accounts they wish until further notice and minimal deposit is $1,000 (proof of funds required)

5. How long do you expect the business to last?

We hope forever because there is no limitation on this kind of business. The only issue we might be facing is increase in volume, as we have a certain cap on how much of the volume can be brought in.

For further questions please contact The Trade Group for any questions you may have.